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Workshops can cater for beginners to advanced players.

Workshops can be demonstrative or participatory & can be focused with all students having a guitar/ ukelele or other common group instrument.  Stand alone performances or a combined workshop and performance or performance with Q & A is also possible. 

Please go to for show information.


Song writing workshops, DVD and CD production are also available. 

Matthew is available to be recorded by sound productions students.

Workshop content can be custom designed with a focus from styles including

Classical, Jazz, Spanish Flamenco, Latin and world music, Electric, Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, American Roots, modern fingerstyle and contemporary popular Music.



The Workshops is are to cater to all ages and the delivery is flexible depending on the participants experience and background and what they would like to Learn which is sought out prior to the workshop.



Up to 30 people, Otherwise it is preferable to have 2 workshops or a concert

And for Group and Solo Candidates.


The workshop length is 1- 3 hours each or ½ to 1 day intensives and can be flexible to schedule   


FEE for Guitar or Ukulele Workshop for Metropolitan or when part of tour in region.

Below are the Fees for metropolitan workshops or for when touring in region already.

Extra cost for travel is added when not on tour in region.

Workshop and Performance $650

1-1.5. hour performance $450.00

1-3 hr workshop              $350.00

Negotiable to suit budget, per head option is also available if whole or majority of school/organisation is participating.

Matthew loves to perform and also share his love for the guitar in his workshops which Matthew has conducted at Festivals throughout the world.  The workshops are informative and fun with anecdotes from his touring life on the road and the sea to over 120 countries.

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