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International touring guitarist Matthew Fagan presents a complete workshop in guitar playing.  A masterful performer and professional teacher, Matthew provides a unique fun, exciting and informative package for beginner to advanced.   


The aim of the workshop is to increase guitar Skills and practical knowledge of the participant.  The workshop can be custom designed to cater to the groups needs.


The workshop can include:-


-Stretching techniques for sustainable guitar playing


-If required, revision on how to correctly hold the guitar and correct strumming techniques


-The speed and drive of Electric, Rock, Country, Blue Grass, Traditional Celtic and banjo


- The secrets of blue grass fingerstyle and banjo frailing as applied to fingerstyle, flamenco right hand technique, left hand strength and articulation are all revealed and explained in a fun environment. 

-Complete right hand fingerstyle development from beginner to advanced.  Covering fingerstyle Folk/country/traditional styles as influenced by Merle Travis / Chet Atkins /Tommy Emmanuel. 

-Flamenco guitar technique as applied to fingerstyle guitar including Flamenco strumming rasguedeo advanced rhythms. 

-Flat picking techniques as in Traditional bluegrass and gypsy jazz (DjangoReinhardt) styles

-Technical skills in hand dexterity and virtuosity, memorisation and ear training, interpreting and expressing different music styles.


-Unlocking the harmony of the fret board and opening up and exploring how to improvise and compose in any style of the guitar.   


-Slide guitar and guitar tapping and percussion


-Demonstration of unique 10 String Spanish Guitar and antique National Tricone and leading Australian guitar makers instruments.

School Workshop Tas 2011 students clappi
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