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V I R T U O S O-
A H O M A G E  T O  M Y  A N C E S T O R S

Join 10 String Spanish classical guitarist, Matthew Fagan, for a performance of classical guitar at its emotive and technical best.


Matthew Fagan presents a spectacular musical journey celebrating the Parkes family, Matthew’s internationally renowned Virtuoso Ancestors.  Matthew has especially arranged Violin and Piano repertoire as performed by his ancestors for classical guitar, featuring a stunning repertoire including-


  • 'Flight of the Bumblebee' (Rimsky-Korsakov),

  • 'Caprice No. 24' (Niccolò Paganini),

  • 'Rondo `A La Turca`' (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart),

  • 'Czardas Hungarian Dance' (Vittorio Monti),

  • 'Traditional Summer and Winter 1st Movements from “The Four Seasons”

  •  (Antonio Vivaldi)

  • Flamenco Dance, “Solearas” and Spanish Dances“El Vito” & “La Partida” .


Click here to listen to 'Virtuoso'




















Matthew has recorded these stunning virtuosic concert pieces as a homage to his Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Great Uncles.  Cecil Parkes, Matthew’s Great Uncle, was a child prodigy and toured with International star soprano Dame Nellie Melba. Matthew’s grandfather Milton was a celebrated concert pianist, accompanying his brothers and was also a concert soloist.  Kingsley had also made his concert debut at the age of nine and he had played over a thousand concerts by the time he was eighteen.  The boys' father, Albert Parkes, was a celebrated concert violinist from Covent Garden, Great Britain, and emigrated to Australia in the 1890’s.




















Photo of the 3 Parkes brothers

Cecil Parkes- Matthew’s Great Uncle (Back)

Kingsley Parkes –Great Uncle (Left)             

and Milton Parkes- Grandfather (At Piano)


Selected performances feature 1930's film footage of Matthew’s Great Uncle, prodigy violinist Cecil Parkes with the Strad Trio, which is the first Australian music film produced by Frank Thring Senior from EFTEE productions.




There is also an option for the journey of Matthew’s ancestors to be represented in a special show with live musical performance interwoven with the narrative and visual delights of film and photography. The Script and concept was developed by Rob Robson (Manager of West Gippsland performing arts centre) based on text 'Prodigy: A Biography by Gregor McShane (1991).


Virtuoso is truly a special performance of classical music performed with renewed vigour, passion and technicality.

Cecil Parkes (Left),

Albert Parkes (Middle)            

Milton Parkes (Right

Below are examples of videos from the 1930's which were part of the series of the first audio films in Australia, produced by Frank Thring Senior from EFTEE Productions.

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