Matthew Fagan presents music of 5 centuries of Spanish Guitar from the 16th Century to Modern Spanish Guitar.  Including music of the ancient Guitar Vihuela, Baroque, Romantic and modern Spanish Guitar and  music inspired by Julian Bream’s recording “Guitarra” & “Flamenco Guitar” Including performances of  Peteneras, Alegrias, Bulerias and Sevillanas.

The concert also features music from Matthew’s CD's “Virtuoso 1 & Virtuoso 2” -A Homage to my Ancestors, a spectacular musical journey celebrating the Parkes family, his internationally renowned virtuoso ancestors which includes Rodrigo's Concierto De Aranjuez,  Flamenco Dance Music “Solearas” and

“El Vito” & Spanish Dance “La Partida” arranged for Spanish Guitar.  And Classical masterpieces, Spring & Winter 1st Movement from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Mozart- Rondo Alla Turca and Paganini- Caprice No.24.  


Traditional Flamenco pieces - Solearas, Peteneras, Alegrias, Bulerias, Sevillianas, Farrugia and Zambra. 

The Baroque Guitar - Gaspar Sanz

Music of the ancient Vihuela- Luys Milan, Alonso Mudarra, Luys De Naruaez.

The Romantic Guitar- Francisco Tarrega, Fernando Sor, Isaac Albeniz

The Modern Spanish Guitar- Joaquin Rodrigo, Egberto Gismonti, Paco De Lucia

Matthew Fagan performs on 10 String, Flamenco and Traditional Spanish Guitar

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