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The workshop can be made up of activities drawn from other listed workshops at a beginners level


Student participation is encouraged by activites i.e.


-Participatory learning to play simple chord progression/song and volunteers are asked to demonstrate what they have learnt in front of the class.

-Guessing the origin of music being performed

-Clapping (Palmas) Hand Percussion to flamenco music

-Body & Instrument percussion to help develop rhythm

-Close their eyes and visualise images to particular songs, or witness what they see with their own imagination

-Create a name for a song

-Dance to music

-Beginners Ukulele Workshop, Bank of 12 Ukuleles available.



 Matthew Fagan’s performance gave our students (grade 3 – 6) a rare opportunity to see a solo musician perform.  Matthew interacted with this audience, enabling the students to feel as if they were part of the performance.  They were soon flexing their hands, clapping along with the flamenco and trying madly to guess the origins of instruments or melodies. The information Matthew provided about each of his instruments, and the pieces he played, was invaluable.  Many students were amazed at his versatility; and several were thrilled to have an opportunity to try to play an unfamiliar instrument.

Grade six students who completed short reviews in class used words and phrases such as ‘amazing’, "his fingers moved so fast!", ‘interesting’,  “I had the best time”, ‘funny’, ‘a character’.  Ultimately it is the students’ responses that provide the most valid testimonials.   The final word must go to Makayla, whose comment was:

“I’d say if you get a chance to see Matthew Fagan, give it a go!”


Suzanne Kelly                                                                                                                                 

Casterton Primary School

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