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Master Guitarist Matthew Fagan presents an exciting and informative lecture/ workshop on the story of the Guitar and Plucked String Instrument Family.  Matthew will discuss and celebrate the story of the guitar from its origins in Asia and Africa as a simple plucked bow to the lute and Sitar in China and India to the Spanish and modern Electric Guitar.  The lecture travels along the Silk Road through Asia, the Middle East to the Courts of Europe and the Gypsy Music of the South of Spain.

We will also travel with the guitar as it sailed to Latin America and the evolution of the myriad and wonderous music and instrument of South America including the Charango of Chile, the Vihuela in Paraguay, and the 10 String Guitar of Brazil, which has become the model for Matthew’s own modern 10 String Guitar.

Matthew will then celebrate the evolution of the Electric and Steel String Guitars including the Hawaiin Lap Guitar, to Rock, Country, Western Swing and Nashville Guitar, Jazz, Metal and World Music.

Matthew is a consummate performer of Spanish, Celtic, Flamenco and Fingerstyle Guitar.  He has toured with international celebrities Billy Connolly, Shirley Bassey, Michael Crawford, Natalie Cole and The Original Buena Vista Social Club.

In 2009 Matthew presented his world Music Group Voyages to perform for his Holiness the Dalai Lama at the 2009 Parlaiment of World Religions.

Matthew has also studies with master musicians Paco Pena, John Williams, Leo Kottke, Martin Taylor and is a finalist in the International Fingerstyle Competition of the Winfield Festival, Kansas, U.S.A. 2009, 2010.

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