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World virtuoso & Maton endorsed Ukulele player Matthew Fagan is renowned  for his virtuosity and versatility, always surprising audiences with his original arrangements and modern interpretation.

Matthew brings his skill of Spanish classical guitar and especially the virtuosity of flamenco right hand technique to the ukulele, expanding on the traditional Hawaiian styles of playing.  

Matthew Fagan takes you on a Voyage around the world on the ukulele with beautiful music inspired from Latin America, Spain, Africa, Asia, Ireland, Hungarian Gypsy, and traditional favourites

 His show can include Fingerpicking, Bluegrass & popular contemporary music including the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkle and Ukulele classics such as Aint She Sweet.   Even Rock Classics as seen on tour with Billy Connolly and the Buena Vista Social Club can be featured in performance.    

Audiences are continually amazed, re inspired, and even become converted fans of the Ukulele after seeing Matthew Fagan's performance on the Ukulele


Video Footage of Matthew performing Ukulele  Ukulele at 1:40



Matthew’s new CD titled “UKULELELAND” is a stunning world music album which was recorded in the USA in September 2013.   UKULELELAND takes fans on a fun journey from African dance, to wild gypsy dance, Cuban, Latin and Celtic music and even rocking out Cajun tunes.   Highlights  include fun traditional tunes like Tarantella, Czardas, Sakura and Matthew's own Latin, flamenco and celtic compositions.  


Matthew first performed ukelele to mass audiences during the 1999 -2000 Billy Connolly Australian tour.  This show featured 10 string classical guitar, Celtic steel string and the "Les Paul " Ukulele. This electric uke was equipped with a cry baby wah pedal stole the show with wild renditions of "Foxy Lady", "Hey Joe" and other shredding classics.

Since then Matthew has performed Ukulele as part of his show "Lord of the Strings" on the World Music Festival Circuit and on Cruises Ships. 


Matthew was a hit and continued to perform at and facilitate countless ukulele workshops. These include;

  • The 2013 Port Fairy Folk Festival 

  • Melbourne Ukulele Festival 2013

  • Central Coast 2013

  • Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival 2013

  • Newcastle Ukulele Festival 2013 

  • The 2014 Illawarra Folk festival

  • The 2014 Newcastle Ukulele Festival

  • The 2014 Deniliquin Uke Muster

  • The  2015 Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival

  • Melbourne Ukelele Festival 2015


Audiences are continually amazed, re inspired, and even become converted fans of the Ukulele after hearing Matthew Fagan’s sound he produces from a Ukulele.


Recent 4 star reviews for show “Lord of the Strings” that included Ukulele- Relevant ukulele content below, full review in links


“Lord Of The Strings is an apt title for Mathew Fagan’s show. He treats his audience to string wizardry on a selection of guitars, banjo, and ukulele.” 


“In a concession to the extraordinary recent popularity of the ukulele he trots out a brilliant medley of well-known songs that sounded fantastic. The ukulele can no longer be considered a ‘joke’ – in the hands of someone like Matthew Fagan it sounds rich and melodic.”


“The man can wail on a banjo, wow on a ukulele and leave you gobsmacked with his skills on his “cool black guitar.”




Awesome, brilliant, fabulous.  Going out to buy a ukulele to go with my accordion!  And I bought 6 CD’s before your concert.  So Good.”

Larry Chiera


“I was so inspired by your playing that I went out and bought a ukulele the following week.  Now I have 2 of them...”

Keith O'Hara


…”you even made sounds on a uke that were unbelievable”

David Heilbronn

Matthew proudly uses Maton ukeleles.

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